Changes in the Office

-– Alice Garner

We’re all feeling the impact of the global pandemic on our work lives. Have you carved out a working space at home? Or are you back in the office, adjusting to new rules and regulations? Rapid and all-encompassing technological change has been central to recent disruptions.

But change is a constant. Back in the mid-1970s, unions were preparing their members for computerisation. It was hard to imagine what this might mean for workers, beyond the likelihood of job losses.

The Trade Union Training Authority commissioned a series of short training films from Film Australia to use in courses for job representatives. They wanted to provoke discussion about workers’ rights and how to protect them. How should reps communicate, negotiate and manage complex and ever-changing power relations?

The National Film and Sound Archive holds the full series of TUTA training films. Our project team is delighted to share one of these films. Changes in the Office, newly digitised, explores the impact of technological change on the workplace. The film, directed by Keith Gow and produced by Don Murray, features the young Jacki Weaver.

To find out more about the story of union training films, check out our conference session from 17 Nov 2021:

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