New angles and long walks: TUTA and international education networks

Date Published: 21/06/2024 Category: Blog

The story of TUTA’s active engagement in union training in the Asia-Pacific region offers an unexpected angle on international education.

The need for leave

Date Published: 03/07/2023 Category: Blog

Anthony Forsyth The establishment of the Trade Union Training Authority (TUTA) by the Whitlam Labor Government in 1975 signalled an important milestone in the form of government-funded worker education through a federal statutory agency. However, the promise offered by TUTA for increasing worker access to educational courses could only become a reality if union members…

May Day voices: memories of learning at TUTA

Date Published: 28/04/2023 Category: Blog

What was your most memorable learning experience? For some, it happened in a union training course…

Catch-up time

Date Published: 17/05/2022 Category: Blog

Catch-up conference TV! If you missed our November sessions on trade union education, visit our conference page and take your pick from our introductory, education and film sessions for starters… with more to come.

Vale Michael Beahan (part 2)

Date Published: 03/03/2022 Category: Blog

Mary: ‘How often one of us would say: we need to check that with Michael.’ Some more memories of our friend and colleague Michael Beahan.

Vale Michael Beahan (part 1)

Date Published: 23/02/2022 Category: Blog

Max Ogden remembers our friend and colleague Michael Beahan, trade union educator, Labor politician and community activist. Our research team will miss him sorely.

Changes in the Office

Date Published: 17/12/2021 Category: Blog

Change is a constant… Have we learnt how to deal with rapid technological transformation yet? Check out the short film Changes in the Office (1976), which explored the impact of technological change on a typing pool.

Remembering Stuart Macintyre

Date Published: 30/11/2021 Category: Blog

We will miss Stuart Macintyre’s extraordinary intellect, wise counsel and gentle humour.

Conversations brewing

Date Published: 15/11/2021 Category: Blog

The conference is nearly upon us. It’s not too late to register!

A season of conferences

Date Published: 09/11/2021 Category: Blog

It seems like November is conference season!